Rediscover your true nature for vitality and effortless weight loss


: living in natural state

: growing without human aid or care

 : going beyond normal or conventional bounds


to figure out how to break the cycle of crash dieting and food fixating, it takes getting back to our roots, nourishing and flowing the way we were originally designed to

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 It doesn't have to be this hard. Your doing everything "right" but nothings working.  You may even be convinced your metabolism is broken, and fed up with the diet scene and just want to enjoy life again.

Successful weight loss is not about how fast it comes off. Its about how you maintain your  ideal body composition while building energy with your new found lifestyle habits

My mission with Wild Genes is to help women reclaim their power over their bodies, and change their mindset of dieting. It can be pain free, enjoyable and simple! 


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Meet Jennifer

Hey there!

My name is Jennifer, I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart and we now have 2 wild little boys. I want to share a bit about how Wild Genes became... health wasn't always on my mind. It wasn't until I discovered the ancestral health model that I became aware of the importance when trying to get fit for our wedding.

Because of my naturally thin frame, I was never raised with the thought of healthy eating. I could "eat anything and not have to worry".

It taught me to eat fast food, large portions, snack on sugar and chips, because my size never changed.

The pattern of eating stayed into my 20's when I finally felt my body changing and started becoming really insecure. An unhealthy relationship with food turned worse.

I didn't know how to "diet", or eat healthy, so naively did all the wrong things. I tried diet pills secretly that made me shake, ate diet processed food that didn't fill me up, low calorie substitutes for all junk food, and still felt terrible.

Discovering ancestral health, the foods we've been designed to eat as humans through evolution, a light bulb turned on for me.

What happened was I effortlessly shed the unwanted fat, gained energy to exercise, and learned VALUE for my body and health. Real value I never had before. 

 I am now here to guide women to not only lose the unwanted weight, but to feel healthy, happy, energized for life and break free from the modern weight loss paradigm for good!

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