Private Coaching

Wild Genes 8 week Outline


The Wild Genes Program eases you in step by step on realizing your goals, setting realistic expectations, re-frame your feelings about food while healing your body and mind for lasting health changes. The first month we focus on really understanding how to set goals, moving beyond your fear based limitations and becoming fat adapted by focusing on nutrition that supports your body. After the first month, we will move onto optimizing fat loss and management through intentional movement and exercise, meal timing, and other lifestyle behaviors like sleep, stress, and self care that all play a big role in your health goals.

  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Monthly Goal Setting
  • (4) 60 minute focus sessions
  • 5 emailed newsletters discussing focus and education
  • 24/7 support
  • Live Pantry raids (Zoom or in person)
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Movement guidelines
  • Customized support

First Step is Action

Get the support you need to make serious changes, heal your body, and adopt healthy habits you'll love!

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